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Beauty so rare

Updated: May 6

A girl with beauty so rare,

Her smile shines brighter than the sun's glare,

Her eyes hold a depth beyond measure,

Her laughter, a sound so pure and treasured.

Her grace moves like a gentle breeze,

Her kindness, a soul that truly believes,

Her heart, a haven of love and peace,

Her presence, a gift that never cease.

She walks with a confidence so strong,

Her spirit, a song that forever longs,

Her beauty, an angel's earthly form,

Her love, a warm and comforting storm.

I love her more than words can say,

Her beauty, an inspiration every day,

Her presence, a beacon in the night,

Her smile, a ray of hope and light.

So here's to a girl with a heart so true,

A beauty so bright, it shines through and through,

A love that's boundless, pure and real,

A girl who will always be loved, always and still.

- Shreyash Upadhyay


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